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617 - Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers students the opportunity to acquire knowledge in all fields of chemistry and chemical engineering. The lectures, computational and laboratory exercises are focused on basic but also specialized topics from general, inorganic, organic, analytical and materials chemistry, but also from chemical technologies and chemical engineering. The department provides the courses of these subjects for FMT as well as for FBI, HGF, FS and university degree programmes. 

The department offers students a friendly creative environment and the possibility of cooperation on selected research projects, even beyond the framework of bachelor's, master's or doctoral theses. The great competitive advantage of our graduates is wide professional career opportunity, chemically educated professionals usually do not have the problems in choosing a job.

Professional activities of the department are focused on:

  • research in the field of materials chemistry, nanomaterials including modified clay minerals,
  • study of adsorption processes on solid adsorbents based on blast furnace slags and on various types of clay minerals as the model systems,
  • research in electrochemistry, which focuses on the study of electrochemical processes in ionic melts and concentrated solutions,
  • the preparation and use of conductive polymers and their nanocomposites with phyllosilicates,
  • study of pyrolysis and co-pyrolysis of coal, petroleum waste and plastics,
  • mass sharing and multiphase hydrodynamics in column apparatuses,
  • optimization of technological processes of production closely related to chemical, metallurgical and coke production,
  • design and optimization of heat exchangers,
  • basic research of gas and vapor adsorption on carbon materials
  • study of solid phase - gas reactions with subsequent detection of emerging products.