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  • Photocatalytic materials based on graphitic carbon nitride
  • Photocatalytic materials based on clay/oxides and clay/sulphides composites
  • Composites based on graphene and graphene oxides for photocatalytic applications
  • Antibacterial materials based composites clay/Ag
  • Conductive polymers based polyaniline and polypyrrole
  • Conductive polymers based on the composites clay/(conductive polymer)
  • Preparation and characterization of nanomaterials
  • Sorbents based hydrotalcites and metallurgical wastes
  • Electrochemical processes in ionic melts and concentrated solutions
  • Study of the adsorption processes of gasses and moisture on the carbon based materials
  • Study of the reactions of gas-solid type coupled with the detection of the products
  • Preparation of the model blast furnace slags using the sol-gel method
  • Profile analysis of the thin layers of the metals
  • Tests of the ecotoxicity of the water eluents
  • Rheology of non-Newtonian fluids
  • Multiphase hydrodynamics of g-l, l-l, and l-s systems
  • Microprocess engineering
  • 3D printing of microfluidic devices