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619 - Department of Physical Chemistry and Theory of Technological Processes

The Department is a part of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, but acts at several faculties of the university. It provides teaching in physical chemistry applications in the field of metallurgical, material, chemical and physical engineering, raw materials and water treatment, fire protection and industrial safety. In cooperation with the Institute of Environmental Technologies, VŠB-TUO also focuses on heterogeneous catalysis and adsorption processes and their application in chemical and environmental engineering. 

The Department guarantees the Master Degree Programme Chemical and Environmental Engineering and the Doctoral Degree Programme Chemical Metallurgy.  

The Department is an important workplace in the Czech Republic, which deals with complex research of physico-chemical properties of metal and inorganic melts at high temperatures (thermodynamics, kinetics, viscosity, surface tension, crystallization processes and diffusion), their mathematical modeling and technological applications.