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636 - Department of Material Engineering

Department of Materials Engineering provides teaching of material related courses at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, as well as at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

The Master´s degree programme is aimed at educating specialists with a good knowledge of the inner structure of traditional and advanced engineering materials, their properties, the relationships between their structure and properties, mechanisms of materials degradation. The study programme educates qualified specialists in materials selection (metals and their alloys, polymers, structural ceramics and composites) in terms of their applications. Graduates of this Master´s degree programme can find job opportunities in both commercial and production fields, as well as in the design or research and development departments. Manufacturing fields include metallurgy, various branches of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and power supply.

The Bachelor´s degree programme is aimed at educating specialists, who are qualified in characterization of structure of engineering materials, testing methods of mechanical properties and conditions of use of different types of engineering materials. The graduates of the Bachelor´s degree programme can find job positions in the fields of quality management, quality inspection and diagnostics. They can become production engineers and technologists in various branches of industry.

  • Heat treatment of metallic materials,
  • Metallographic and testing methods of materials.

Research work in the Department of Materials Engineering is very broad. It mainly focuses on the research of relationships between the structure and properties of engineering materials. Furthermore, a great attention is paid to study of degradation mechanisms of engineering materials and to the technical assistance to industrial enterprises.