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638 - Department of Automation and Computing in Industry

The department is the guarantor for the fields of study within the bachelor’s degree in “Automation and Computing in Industry”, the follow-up master’s degree in “Automation and Computing in Industrial Technologies” and the doctoral degree in “Management of Industrial Systems”, focussed on the use of computers and automation of technological processes. As of the 2019/2020 academic year, the department offers the specialisation “Computer Control Systems in Industry” within the bachelor’s degree, followed up by the “Intelligent Control Systems in Industry” within the master’s degree as a part of the new study programme “Quality Management and Control of Industrial Systems”. The department ensures the teaching of all the specialised courses for both of these fields and specialisations. For the other fields of study at the faculty, it ensures the teaching of computer basics, application programs and work in computer networks, the basics of automating technological processes, the basics of artificial intelligence methods, reliability and other subjects. It is the founder and administrator of the faculty’s computer classrooms.