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Bachelor degree

A Bachelor's degree from VSB-TUO provides an excellent base to begin your career or to continue to Master's study.

The standard length of study including practical training is three years. The study programme must  be completed in due form with a final state examination that includes a defence of a bachelor thesis.

Graduates are prepared to begin their career, or continue on to Master’s study. A Bachelor’s degree confers the academic title Bc.

Master degree

Gain state-of-the-art knowledge and skills through one of our high-quality, English-taught Master's programmes.

The standard length of study is two years. Master study programmes are completed by a final state examination and a defence of diploma thesis. Graduates of master study programmes are awarded the academic degree "Inženýr" (i.e. "Engineer", abbreviated as "Ing."), used in front of the name.

Doctoral degree

PhD study programme is for graduates of Master's study of the technical field. Doctoral study last for 4 years. Studies are available to study in full-time and combined form in Czech or English language. Graduates of doctoral study programme obtain the academic degree doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.).

Monika Krejzkova

Monika Krejzkova

Erasmus+ & Exchange Coordinator I International Office