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Become a PhD student and contribute with new knowledge. Doctoral studies deepen your knowledge within your field and give you training in scholarly thinking. After completing your doctoral studies you are an independent and critically thinking researcher and have contributed with new knowledge.

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Doctoral programmes

Chemical and environmental engineering

Chemical and environmental engineering

The graduates of the doctoral study program Chemical and Environmental Engineering have an extraordinary forward-looking self-assertion, which results from the wide applicability of the acquired knowledge with a wide range of scope.

Chemical Metallurgy

Doctoral study program Chemical metallurgy is modern scientifically oriented, multidiciplinary and interdisciplinary research program. Study is mainly oriented on chemical aspects of preparation, extraction and recycling of metallic materials and characterization of these materials. Furthermore, the study program is focused on study of other inorganic materials in solid and liquid phase. The processes of metals extracting from primary and secondary raw materials, study of ferrous and non-ferrous...

Management of Industrial Systems

The study program is based on a systemic, integrated concept of managing industrial activities and processes in market economy conditions. As a balanced interconnection of knowledge of industrial economics and management, advanced quality management and intelligent control systems with technical and technological knowledge, the study program is oriented mainly to production systems of the metallurgical, chemical and engineering industries.

Material science and Engineering

The doctoral program „Material Science and Engineering“ is a modern interdisciplinary program. It is built on a deep knowledge of the structure of conventional and specially materials, their utility properties and mechanisms of their degradation. It includes the field of the evaluation of mechanical and physical properties, the diagnostics of the chemical constitution and material structure, including the diagnostics of defects in materials as well as their recycling.
The aim of the doctoral...

Metallurgical Technology

The doctoral study branch Metallurgical Technology covers the entire issue of production and processing of liquid and solid materials based on iron and non-ferrous metals, thereby holds a unique position in the structure of disciplines of Czech universities.Workplaces of specialized departments are equipped with modern experimental, instrumental and analytical equipment with which it is possible to solve the challenging tasks of scientific research projects in the field of basic and also of...



The study programme Nanotechnology - cotutelle is interdisciplinary doctoral programme covering the field of physics, chemistry, material engineering, applied mathematics, and application of computational methods to describe, design, and prepare of nanostructures, nanomaterials, and nanosystems. Specific aspect of the study programme is joint international supervision of doctoral student on the basis of international contract between VŠB-TUO and foreign university, long-term stays at the foreign...

Thermal engineering and fuels in industry

The aim of the doctoral study program "Thermal Engineering and Fuels in Industry" is the scientific education of professionals who are able to creatively solve scientific research problems in the field of thermal engineering, energy, fuel chemistry, ceramic materials especially for high temperatures and material and energy utilization of waste. . The graduate is able to independently identify and formulate a scientific problem, design and develop a method of solution and implement theoretical,...

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