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Gain state of the art knowledge and skills through one of our high quality, practically oriented, English taught Master's programmes.

Admission process FMT

Study programme Nanotechnology

About study programme

The follow-up master's study of Nanotechnology is intended for graduates of a bachelor's study of Nanotechnology or branches focused primarily on materials science, applied physics and chemistry. Theoretical subjects, dealing with the relationship between the structure and optical, magnetic and other properties of nanomaterials, are supplemented by work in laboratories used modern diagnostic devices. During their studies, students can spend an internship at foreign university, for example in the France, the Japan, China or the USA. After graduation, they can start work in one of the companies that produce of nanomaterials and nanocomposites. He can also continue in a doctoral study program of Nanotechnology or a similar branch and thus open himself the way to research organizations at home or abroad.

Study curriculum

Faculty Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
Type of study Follow-up Master
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme N0719A270003
Title of the programme Nanotechnology
Regular period of the study 2 years
Coordinating department Department of Chemistry and Physico-Chemical Processes
Coordinator Prof. Mgr. Jana Kukutschová, Ph.D.
Key words Nanomaterials

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