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635 - Department of Thermal Engineering

The Department of Thermal Engineering provides bachelor, engineering and doctoral study in the field of thermal technology and industrial ceramics.

Graduates are employed both in the field of thermal technology and in the field of ceramic materials in various companies throughout the country and abroad.

The course focuses on the generation, conversion and use of energy. World trends like the introduction of non-traditional energy sources, environmental and energy saving technologies in industrial and municipal areas are followed.

The study is further oriented to the production and use of ceramic materials within the whole range from traditional products, glass, inorganic binders, gypsum materials to the area of  special ceramics. Students choose optional subjects either in the field of thermal technology or in the field of industrial ceramics.

The research activity of the department focuses on the energy issues of modern technologies, the optimisation of heating and cooling processes, the development and use of ceramic materials, the use of secondary raw materials and non-traditional energy sources.

The department is dealing with projects supported by the European Union, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the departmental ministries. Students are actively involved in solving the projects.

The department cooperates with many successful companies and helps to solve practical issues occurring in the industry. Students have the opportunity to implement their final work in cooperation with these partners and thus gain valuable practical experience.