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Offer of cooperation

Thermal engineering 

  • Design of studies and project proposals for the use of new progressive technologies in energy for industrial, municipal, civil and business entities,
  • processing studies and reports mapping energy nodes, using modern simulation software,
  • research and development in waste heat utilisation, utilisation of secondary energy sources,
  • research and development on the use of surplus heat from conventional cogeneration units for specific purposes (e.g. biogas stations, island solutions);
  • design and implementation of experimental measuring tasks in laboratory and operating conditions, production of sheath thermocouples, calibration of all types of thermocouples and optical pyrometers,
  • measurement of physical properties of selected materials depending on temperature,
  • construction of special laboratory furnaces and heating elements,
  • creation of specialised software for measurement and control of thermal processes,
  • physical and numerical modelling of thermal processes and equipment, creation of software,
  • application of original software for simulation of solidification and cooling of continuously cast billets for a rectangular and circular format,
  • measurement of cooling effects of nozzles on planar, cylindrical and general surfaces,
  • determination of boundary conditions for numerical models of heat and flow transmission,
  • measurement of thermal efficiency and pressure losses of heat exchangers, radiators and boilers in the public sphere.

Industrial ceramics

  • Research and development of new possibilities of processing of metallurgical waste and recycling of secondary raw materials,
  • research of phase composition, microstructure and functional properties of geopolymer materials from technogenic pozzolans,
  • research in the field of corrosion of refractory materials, linings and study of their thermal processes,
  • design of metallurgical and other aggregates,
  • thermal calculations of linings and other elements of furnace structures,
  • measurement of thermal conductivity coefficient of heat-resistant ceramic materials in dependence on temperature,
  • determination of basic physical parameters of ceramic materials (density, mechanical properties),
  • research of the bulk stability of slags and other metallurgical waste.

Other services

  • Training of workers in the field of power engineering, thermal technology, measurement of thermo-technical quantities, physical and numerical modelling and industrial ceramics,
  • organising professional conferences and seminars.


Department of Thermal Engineering is an organisational unit of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, which holds a quality management system certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 9001 standard.