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651 - Department of Chemistry and Physico-Chemical Processes

The Department of Chemistry and Physico-Chemical Processes was established on 1 April 2022 by merging of three departments of the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology: the Department of Environmental Protection in Industry (616), the Department of Chemistry (617) and the Department of Physical Chemistry and Theory of Technological Processes (619).

The Department guarantees bachelor, postgraduate and doctoral study programmes: Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Nanotechnology. The Chemical and Environmental Engineering programme enables students to acquire knowledge and practical skills in chemical engineering, analytical chemistry, environmental protection and in the applications of physical chemistry in materials, chemical, physical and metallurgical engineering, fire protection and industrial safety. Studying within the Nanotechnology programme enables students to acquire knowledge and practical skills in the preparation of nanomaterials, their characterisation by chemical and physical methods, their practical applications, and the environmental risk assessment of nanomaterials is an integral part of the study in this programme. The department also guarantees studies in the doctoral study programme Chemical Metallurgy and the new bachelor's degree programme Environmental Technologies.

Teaching is implemented in the form of lectures, computational and laboratory exercises, which are focused on basic, but also specialized topics from general, inorganic, organic, analytical, physical and material chemistry, chemical technology and chemical engineering, in the field of reducing of harmful emissions in the air, reducing of pollutants in wastewater, waste management, reducing the negative impact of physical effects on the environment.

The Department offers students a friendly creative environment and the opportunity to collaborate on selected research projects, even beyond the scope of a bachelor's, master's or doctoral thesis. Graduates with a broad professional chemical-environmental background and knowledge in nanomaterials and nanotechnology are appreciated by practitioners for their comprehensive knowledge and skills. A major competitive advantage of our graduates is their broad professional scope with high employability in the job market.

Researchers in the department focus on research in materials chemistry, nanomaterials, sorption processes, electrochemistry, conducting polymers and other areas. The research activities of the department are also focused on optimization of thermal and biological methods of waste treatment and modelling of dispersion of pollutants in the air using geographical information systems. The Department is an important workplace in the Czech Republic, which deals with complex research of physicochemical properties of inorganic and organic materials in a wide temperature range (-180 to 2000 °C) in solid and liquid phase (in melt). Research activities are focused on experimental and theoretical thermophysical, thermodynamic and kinetic studies of materials, their mathematical modelling and technological applications.