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The Chemistry Support Centre was established on 1 October 2022 to meet the needs of VŠB-TUO students studying not only basic chemistry courses.

The Support Centre does not replace lectures and exercises (computer and laboratory) in chemistry, which are part of the study, but it functions as another possible educational tool. It focuses mainly on selected theoretical foundations of general, inorganic and physical chemistry and mainly on consolidating knowledge and skills from computational exercises.

Students can improve their knowledge of chemical nomenclature, characterisation of solutions, calculation of chemical equations, calculations from chemical formulae and equations (stoichiometric calculations), basic calculations in analytical and physical chemistry (basic thermodynamic and kinetic calculations). In specific cases, based on student interest, support can also be implemented with a focus on practical laboratory exercises (in consultation with the relevant teacher).

The Centre's educators focus on helping students to bridge the gap between their level of knowledge in chemistry and that required by the university.

If you need help with something in chemistry, contact a specific educator through the reservation system.

Consultations will take place at the VŠB-TUO campuses in Poruba (A 627, N 722) and in Vyskovice (mainly for FBI students).

Students are required to register for the consultation 48 hours in advance.

If you have further questions, please contact us at .

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