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Gain state of the art knowledge and skills through one of our high quality, practically oriented, English taught Master's programmes.

Admission process FMST

Study programme Metallurgical engineering

About study programme

The study program is aimed at educating specialists for modern metallurgy and engineering. Initially, basic common theoretical courses are taught, suitably complemented by courses in, for example, materials science, management and quality management. The study program also covers the subjects of iron and steel production, foundry and bulk forming. The study program is characterized by the close interconnection of the pedagogical process with the often unique experimental basis and the use of computer technology in process modeling.

Study curriculum

Faculty Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
Type of study Follow-up Master
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme N0715A270010
Title of the programme Metallurgical engineering
Regular period of the study 2 years
Coordinating department Department of Materials Engineering and Recycling
Coordinator prof. Ing. Ivo Schindler, CSc.
Key words foundry
bulk forming
iron and steel production

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