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652 - Department of Metallurgical Technologies

The Department of Metallurgical Technologies provides teaching of bachelor, master and doctoral students in four key areas:

  • ironmaking and steelmaking, secondary metallurgy and steel casting into the molds (ingots), also by a continuous ways, including modern methods of numerical and physical simulation of these processes,
  • the production of industrial castings, metallurgical treatment of melts, their casting into molds, the processes taking place during solidification of castings, preparation and testing of molding mixtures,
  • the design and practical production of art castings in the nationwide unique bachelor study program of Art Foundry,
  • the processing of modern and advanced metallic materials, especially volume forming procedures and newly developed methods, based on the application of intense deformation.

Students are involved in the research activities of the department during their studies, which is carried out in close cooperation with internationally important industrial companies. Students thus have the opportunity not only to gain practical experience, but also to establish appropriate personal contacts. The best graduates of the Master's programme have the opportunity to work in a team with experts from the department and industrial partners within the doctoral study field of Metallurgical Technology.