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Metal smelting laboratory - equipped with a medium-frequency induction furnace for melting larger metal samples (up to 5 kg) with the possibility of casting metal into ceramic molds. The laboratory is also equipped with a Tammann resistance furnace for the study of processes during controlled heating and cooling, including the performance of thermal analyzes.
Laboratory of simulation of crystallization and combustion analyzes - equipped with physical models for simulation of crystallization and solidification of metal melts and combustion analyzer G4 ICARUS CS HF for determination of carbon and sulfur content in metals.
Laboratory of controlled crystallization of metals - equipped with a high-temperature resistance furnace Clasic with the possibility of controlled cooling of molten metal weighing 2 kg in order to simulate segregation processes during solidification. The laboratory is also equipped with a medium frequency induction furnace HFR25 for melting smaller steel samples (up to 0.5 kg) with the possibility of studying the interaction between metal and slag.
Dilatometry laboratory - equipped with dilatometer DIL 805A / D / T with the possibility of deformation by pressure (D) and tension (T). It is used to study phase and structural transformations. The determined deformation parameters can be used to create TTT, CCT, DTTT and DCCT diagrams.
Teaching and computer laboratory - equipped with 12 PCs, a printer, an interactive whiteboard, a data projector and video equipment. The current SW equipment from the areas of simulation of metallurgical and chemical processes, CFD programs (SW ProCAST, SW ANSYS Fluent, FactSage) etc. is installed on the PC.
Physical modeling laboratory - equipped with physical models of metallurgical equipment, monitoring technology, PC, high-speed camera, FLIR T640 thermal imaging camera.
Laboratory of thermophysical analyzes - equipped with NETZSCH STA 449 F3 Jupiter device for performing high-temperature thermal analyzes of metals and metal materials in the temperature range from ambient temperature up to 2000 ° C, with the possibility of performing analyzes: TA, DTA, DSC, TMA, TG. Kinetic SWThermo-Calc is also used.

Centrifugal casting laboratory - the laboratory is equipped with all the equipment necessary for the possibility of production of castings from low-melting alloys by technologies of false centrifugal casting into rubber molds.
Computer classroom - equipped with powerful computers for teaching the use of simulation software MagmaSoft in foundry and work in 3D programs for creating the construction of foundry models and their processing by Rapid Prototyping technologies.
Molding compound laboratory - the laboratory has all the equipment necessary for a comprehensive evaluation of molding and core - both their individual components and the mixtures themselves. The tests are performed according to valid standards.
Precision casting laboratory - enables the production of castings from ferrous and non-ferrous metals (including precious metals, eg for making jewelery) using precision casting technology using meltable, combustible or evaporable models.
3D printing laboratory - the laboratory is equipped with 3D printers for the possibility of rapid prototype production of models from both plastic (Original Prusa i3 MK3S +) and wax mixtures (3D printer Solidscape Studio).
The laboratory - vacuum induction furnace - enables the preparation of ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys with a precise chemical composition, including the subsequent production of semi-finished products (ingots) or final castings. Maximum crucible volume 1.2 dm3.
Foundry laboratory - it is a complex workplace of a pilot nature with the possibility of preparation of molding and core mixtures on mixers, production of disposable molds and subsequent melting and casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys. Melting units: 2 electric induction furnaces - capacity 30 and 60 kg, electric resistance furnace - content 25 kg.

Plastometric laboratory - with a unique servohydraulic simulator of hot deformation HDS-20.
Semi-continuous rolling mill - for optimization simulations of temperature-controlled rolling and cooling of round bars and for the study of intensive hot forming processes.
Laboratory of hot and cold sheet metal rolling -  designed for optimization simulations of sheet and strip rolling are equipped with Tandem rolling mills, K350 and Q110 rolling mills, heating and annealing furnaces and thermal imaging technology.