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Services provided by the Department of Materials Forming in cooperation with the Regional Material Science and Technology Research Center include e.g.:

  • Simulation and optimization of thermal processing (even in vacuum) and bulk forming processes
  • Development of the continuous cooling transformation diagrams even after previous deformation (CCT vs. DCCT)
  • Development of the hot flow stress models (based on the uniaxial compression tests)
  • Testing of hot formability (uniaxial tension, SICO)
  • Determination of the nil-strength temperature and nil-ductility temperature
  • Processing maps and formability maps constructed for the metallic materials
  • Structural and mechanical properties influenced by intense plastic deformation and controlled cooling
  • Wedge rolling tests with evaluation of the results based on the computer image analysis
  • Relaxation tests and study of the softening processes
  • Determination of hot yield stress of various alloys
  • Physical simulation of continuous casting (study of cracking)
  • Defined rolling of the as-cast samples with the structure refinement
  • Study of the material flow at hot rolling
  • Measurement and evaluation of the temperature fields