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The research activities of the laboratory are focused on the following areas:

  • experimental study of deformation behavior of steels, non-ferrous metal alloys and metal matrix composites (castability, strength and plastic properties under heat, determination of zero strength and ductility temperature, deformation resistances and their description by mathematical models or prediction using artificial neural networks, determination of limits hot flow, determination of activation energy during hot forming, etc.),
  • research of structure-forming processes operating during controlled forming and cooling of metallic materials (eg description of dynamic or static recrystallization kinetics),
  • study of the influence of deformation size and other structural and thermomechanical parameters on the kinetics of phase transformations during cooling of steels (construction of diagrams of anisothermal decomposition of austenite type CCT and DCCT),
  • optimization physical simulation of volume forming and heat treatment processes of metallic materials,
  • acquisition of ultrafine-grained structures in metallic materials and composites with a metal matrix by methods of intensive hot or cold deformation (SPD processes - eg large cumulative deformation by means of multiple pressure forming alternately in two directions),
  • preparation of composite steels using hot forming physical simulation of the heat affected zone (HAZ) during arc or laser welding,
  • nonlinear regression analysis by machine learning methods, especially through artificial neural networks - multilayer neural networks, neural networks with a radial basic layer, etc.,
  • For these purposes, there is often unique laboratory equipment available in the Czech Republic - especially the HDS-20 hot deformation simulator (ie Gleeble 3800-GTC plastometer) with a universal Pocket Jaw exchange unit and with specialized Hydrawedge II and MAXStrain II exchange units, laboratory semi-continuous bar rolling mill, two-stand Tandem reversible rolling mill, heating and annealing furnaces (eg superkanthal up to 1800 ° C, vacuum up to 1200 ° C), equipment for induction heating of bars, 2 FLIR thermal imagers, etc.